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Salli Babbitt is an abstract art instructor.  She has been teaching for over 20 years with abstract and encaustic art as her specialties.  Salli is a CERTIFIED GOLDEN ARTIST EDUCATOR for GOLDEN PAINTS.  She has been recognized by the City of Bellaire, City of Houston, the Bayou City Art Festival, The Art League Houston, Houston Rodeo, Cow Parade, Texas Gulf Surfing Association, Surfrider foundation and other organizations for her art projects and art abilities. She has taught many students who have gone on to be in major galleries and also continues to privately mentor other well known artists.  She has had major exhibitions in Houston and other countries.  She continues to work on new cutting edge projects daily.  





Salli Babbitt's Houston Classes are as follows:

Absolutely Abstract Art Classes with Salli

Art Supply - 2711 Main Street (in midtown)
All classes run consecutively and there are no makeups except by arrangement with the Instructor.


This Summer we will work with brush-o, water-media paper, seran wrap and tissue paper, molding paste, and fiber, ALL with a twist!

In addition, we will be learning the LATEST Pouring Technique and a NEW Stenciling Method! It's going to be a fabulous experience and you won't believe what we will create!

Payment Options:

If you pay for 4 classes it will be $160 each month: Register Here

If you pay for 8 classes, it will be $296: Register Here

If you pay for all 12 classes, it will be $420: Register Here

There will be no absences allowed. If you miss a class, there will be no refund. Discuss a one time make-up session with me if needed.

Once you have registered, please email me so I can send you a supply list! Can't wait to see ya'll in class!



(Mixed Media or Encaustic) Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm unless specified below 

Mixed Media Madness!
July 15th, Saturday

We will be using wet media paper, Golden paints, and Pinata to create the magnifiscent abstract works like nothing you've seen before! Bring and open mind and this class is sure be a fantastic creative experience! 
Very limited seating! RSVP to:
ALL inclusive,just bring your smile $100.00
Art Supply 2711 Main St. 77002 10am to12:30
Register Here

July 29th, Saturday

This extensive workshop will focus on 3 techniques in total! 
"Luminosity" will have the students use wax medium, XD wax medium, metallic powders, and metallic papers to achieve a luminous nebula of color. (We will then use my SECRET formula to create an extra special shine!)
This workshop will keep you on your toes, so bring a smile and be ready for a unique experience that will be sure to create some fabulous work! (Also be sure to either bring a lunch or be ready to go fetch!)
Very limited seating! RSVP to:
ALL inclusive, just bring your smile $100.00
Art Supply 2711 Main St. 77002 10am to 3pm
Register Here


$100.00 per hour (your studio, art supply studio, or art supply studio, call Salli for details on location)
Register Here